How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Completely

Consuming alcohol is not a novel practice and has been there for millions of years around the world. There are sutras in Vedas that mentioned swilling of Sura, Madya or Madira (alcohol) by people on special occasions.

In ancient India, alcohol was prepared brewing rice meal, wheat, grapes, sugarcane and other fruits. It was prevalent among Kshatriya warriors and the farmhand community. From Vedic age to Mughals and Kings, consumption of alcohol was prevalent in Indian subcontinent.

Where to draw a line?

The primeval physicians had a balanced view about consumption of alcohol. They apprised against excessive drinking. As per them, alcohol was meant to increase pitta and fogs one's thinking. They also believed that too much of alcohol harmed the physical appearance and vitality by repressing kapha and vata in the body. They advised to stop drinking especially in summer and rainy season.

When a social drinker turns into a high-functional drinker, it leads to social, physical and psychological problems. The alcoholic fails to understand that he has already crossed the boundary between moderate drinking and addictive drinking.

This article sets forth some of the notable signs of a compulsive alcoholic and hints it's time to stop drinking.

1. Drinks in every situation

Unlike social drinkers, who occasionally drink during any social gatherings, high -functioning alcoholic finds reason to drink; to relax, to cope with any bad situation, to enjoy, to sleep or to calm down, they find good or bad reasons to drink.

2. Drinks alone and secrecy in behaviour

Social drinkers don't drink alone. They drink socially and with friends. A habitual drinker tends to drink alone. It is the explicit sign of an addictive alcoholic.

3. Drinks alcohol to face situations

One of the rampant signs of problem drinker is drinking to face adverse situations. A social drinker never does this and never turns to drink whenever an adverse situation arises.

4. High indulgence

With increasing intake of alcohol, the indulgence level goes up. The forbearance makes one to consume a high amount to reach the same level of intoxication. The number and frequency of consumption becomes high, which is a clear sign of problem drinking.

These are the signs of addiction and points to the gravity of the situation that needs early treatment.

Is Alcoholism Curable?

Several people struggle with controlling the addiction at some point in their life. Their success and failure depend on their will power and the support they get from their family and the society as a whole.

Wonderful news is that no matter how severe the problem is, a good number of people with alcohol use disorder stop drinking with proper treatment.

What are the Types of Treatment Available?

Cognitive Behavioural therapy

The primary function in cognitive behavioural therapy is to replace the negative and depressive thoughts with positive and encouraging thoughts. It is conducted in various sessions between the patient and psychologist.

Music and Art Therapy

Music and art have been a powerful medium in treating most of the physical and mental problems. The role of music and art is to make people calm, relaxed and engaged and use them as a means of distraction from their problems. It helps in coping with depression and anxiety, the two main factors that contribute to aggravating the problem of alcoholism.

Yoga and Meditation

This is a truly beneficial method for managing the withdrawal and craving during the deaddiction period. Meditation relaxes body and mind which helps to make a person calm and to have clarity of thoughts. Studies have proved the benefits of yoga on people with substance abuse disorder.


While choosing the right medication for substance abuse disorder, herbal and ayurvedic remedy is considered safe. They are made of herbs and mainly don't have any side effects.

Drink Stop is one of the Ayurvedic herbal medicines for alcohol abuse. It detoxifies the body and improves liver function. It has no color, aroma, or taste. So, it is easy to mix this medicine with any food or drink without the knowledge of the alcoholic. It reduces the withdrawal symptoms to minimum. The strong herbal composition stops the relapses and curbs the craving to drink.


The welcome news is alcoholism is curable. The journey from being an alcoholic towards being sober may be tough, but with proper treatment, care and support, it is a reachable destination. Picking the right medication at the right time matters a lot.

Let's implore for a world, which is inhabited by healthy and happy people.