7 Things to Know About Quitting Alcohol

7 Things to Know About Quitting Alcohol

Alcohol has been consumed for centuries to enhance sociability, as a getaway to problems, for enjoyment, to enhance power, and for ritualistic purpose.

Generally, alcohol kicks off as a socializing drink that later climaxes into an addiction that becomes hard to part ways with. To quit drinking, you have to realize your relationship with alcohol.

Quitting drinking isn't easy. Once you understand your relationship with alcohol, you will need social and family support and care and new routine to keep your mind off it.

Whatever your excuse be for drinking, as a stress reliever or just a social activity, in long run it's not going to help you. It always comes with considerable downsides.

If you are looking to enjoy the days of sobriety, these tips will help you build a plan that works for you.

1. Delve into your bond with alcohol

Reflect on why you drink and the trigger factors. Lot many times people drink to face difficult situations or to calm down emotional pain. Is it for the same reason that you drink alcohol?

If the answer is in positive, you have to consider a different way to face the challenge without alcohol. The way that's more helpful.

The common factors that trigger alcoholism are:

Relationship stress
Work-related stress
Sleep disorder

Figuring out your alcohol triggers assist you in planning the next step to manage the urge to drink.

2. Assess the health hazard related to alcoholism

Alcohol affects you physically and mentally. There are various health issues that await you once you become an alcoholic. Even a small amount of alcohol makes you feel groggy. The more you drink, the more will be the bad effects on your health too, like

Moreover, alcoholism has become the prime reason for family discords leading to legal and financial issues.

3. Plan a goal

Are you planning to quit drinking completely or thinking of cutting back on drinking?

After you vow to quit drinking there may be time when you may find it really hard to stick to your plans. Don't be too harsh with yourself in such instances. Begin with cutting on the number of drinks before you finally bid goodbye to alcohol.

4. Talk

Talk to your friends, family and loved ones about your plan. Get professional help if needed. Care and support are what you need at this juncture. Encouragement from family and friends become a motivating factor for you to stick to your plan.

5. Search a new drink

Here, you may not search for a new drink, but bring out your culinary skill napping inside you. Prepare a replacement drink for alcohol. It can be anything from variety of teas to lemonades. It depends on how good you are at mixing and matching spices with tea and mixing juices.

A little creativity can make you enjoy your skill and may keep you away from alcohol at the same time.

6. Don't stash alcohol at home

Get rid of your alcohol. Keeping alcohol at home will tempt you when you are at the point of quitting. When it is not at reachable distance, it will deter you long enough to find a substitute.

Stack nonalcoholic beverages on hand for yourself and others.

7. Go for anti-addiction therapy

Ayurveda has different treatment measures for alcoholism.

Different herbs are used to improve liver functions, memory, concentration, sleep problems, fight depression and inflammation.

Drink Stop – An Ayurvedic Remedy for Deaddiction

Drink Stop is an ayurvedic remedy for deaddiction. A reliable and effective way towards sobriety. It is in the form of an essence that has no aroma, no color and no taste. This super attribute makes it easier to blend it with any food or drink without giving a hint to the alcoholic.

Drink Stop prevents relapses and reduces the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

Add a few of drops Drink Stop to any food or drink served to the alcoholic twice a day in the morning and evening.


Are you someone who find alcohol as a stress reliever? Then there are numerous options available to fight stress rather than indulging in harmful habit of consuming alcohol.

If you are already an alcoholic and are ready to quit alcohol, we suggest Drink Stop as a safer and reliable option to go for. By doing this, you are doing a big favor to your body and mind.