Effects of drinking alcohol on our body?

Effects of drinking alcohol on our body?

Alcohol has a long history and has been used in many cultures on various occasions. Like every other recreational drink, it can be enjoyed if taken in moderation but, as we all know, excessive of anything is bad, and so is true with alcohol. The effects of drinking alcohol on our body are considerably larger when we see the damage it causes to body organs.

Let's get a detailed outlook on the effects of drinking alcohol on our body and learn how to stop drinking alcohol with alcohol addiction treatment or nasha mukti medicine.

The Brain

The brain is the first organ that alcohol affects. It inhibits the normal processing ability of the brain, leading to problems with memory, speech, and judgment. Youngsters are more likely to be affected by alcohol than adults. Abuse of alcohol by adolescents may have long-term effects on brain function and structure.

While alcohol, when taken in moderation, provides a calming effect, its overconsumption disturbs memory, cognition, and decision-making ability, leading to slurred speech, brain fogging, and even blackouts.

The Liver

The liver detoxifies harmful materials including alcohol. Regular consumption of alcohol makes the liver do this process recurrently, damaging the liver.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, alcohol-induced liver diseases are common. The most common among them is fatty liver. It causes liver enlargement due to fat buildup inside the liver cells.

Alcoholic hepatitis is another type of alcohol-induced liver disease where the liver gets inflamed, causing the death of liver cells. Regular consumption of alcohol can cause liver cirrhosis, leading to liver failure.

The other functions of the liver like metabolism, synthesis, immunity, and blood glucose regulation are also severely affected by alcoholism.

The Heart

An article by the British Health Foundation on the effects of alcohol on your heart says that there's a strong relationship between alcohol and heart health. Alcohol causes hypertension, and affects heart muscles, resulting in cardiovascular health issues.

There is nothing like good alcohol such as wine or beer all are potentially harmful. According to ayurveda, alcohol consumption disrupts bodily energies by magnifying pitta dosha. Alcohol consumption may raise lipid levels and heighten the chances of stroke.

The Digestive System

The lining of the stomach and intestines get inflamed by alcohol. Gastritis, ulcers, and GI bleeding are some of the damaging effects of alcoholism. Alcohol inhibits the proper absorption of nutrients leading to nutritional deficits.

Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), digestive issues, diabetes, or even pancreatic cancer are the result of chronic substance abuse.

The Immune System

Our immune system keeps us safe from infections and ailments. Alcohol weakens the immune system by damaging white blood cells. Due to this reason, alcoholics are more susceptible to infections and other diseases.

Mental Health

Both alcohol and psychological health are closely connected. While alcohol seems to help people cope with anxiety and tension, excessive use of alcohol ultimately intensifies the same. It can also heighten the risk of depression and other psychiatric behavior, leading to self-harm or suicide.

Reproductive Health

Alcohol influences the reproductive health of both men and women. Menstrual cycle disturbance, infertility, and risk of miscarriage are high in female alcoholics. In men, drinking alcohol causes infertility, reduced stamina, erectile dysfunction, etc.

How to stop alcohol addiction?

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The ill effects of drinking alcohol on our body are much more than one can imagine. The drinking that starts from a get-together may ultimately end up making you alcohol dependent. There is no organ that doesn't get affected by the harmful effects of alcohol. if you can't completely quit alcohol in one shot, moderation is crucial. However, one should try to stop drinking and get help from de-addiction centers like Nasha Mukti Kendra to get alcohol addiction treatment, take addiction medicine (nasha mukti dava), and drop a line to groups like Alcoholics Anonymous that will help you quit alcohol.