How to Know If You're Ready to Quit Drinking

Are you ready to quit drinking? There is no such thing as cutting down to a healthier level, because addiction can never in any level be healthier.
You can bring change any time and have not to wait until anything untoward happens. Alcoholism always comes with some major hazards.


How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Completely

Consuming alcohol is not a novel practice and has been there for millions of years around the world. There are sutras in Vedas that mentioned swilling of Sura, Madya or Madira (alcohol) by people on special occasions.

Drink Stop to quit alcohol

7 Things to Know About Quitting Alcohol

Alcohol has been consumed for centuries to enhance sociability, as a getaway to problems, for enjoyment, to enhance power, and for ritualistic purpose.

Drink Stop to quit alcohol

Why is it Hard to Quit Drinking

People drink for various reasons such as to socialize, to celebrate, to forget bitter moments and sometimes people even drink to muster courage to face a difficult situation.