Drink Stop is an ayurvedic remedy for deaddiction

Drink Stop is an ayurvedic remedy for deaddiction. A reliable and effective way towards sobriety. It is in the form of an essence that has no aroma, no color and no taste. This super attribute makes it easier to blend it with any food or drink without giving a hint to the alcoholic.

Drink Stop will also significantly reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by the user. Make sure you complete the full 60 days course to get the complete benefits.

It has no side effects and does not cause any internal or external harm, if taken correctly as per the dosage prescribed.

About Drink Stop


The entire course is of 60 days.
Add a few of drops Drink Stop to any food or drink served to the alcoholic person in the morning and evening.

Take twice a day.


  • No Color, no aroma, no taste
  • Essence that’s almost invisible yet effective
  • Packed with strong ayurvedic herbs
  • Put a stop to relapses
  • Curbs cravings to drink alcohol
  • Detoxifies the body and improves liver function
  • Lessens withdrawal symptoms to the minimum
  • Long-standing effect


  • Impaired ability to maintain self-control
  • Secrecy in behaviour
  • Seeks social situations that motivate alcoholism
  • Insomnia and memory loss
  • Over excitement, anger, fear, frustration, etc
  • Denial of addiction or hiding drug use
  • Lessens withdrawal symptoms to the minimum
  • Excess consumption or abuse of substances
alcohol deaddiction ayurvedic

3 Stages of Addiction

Drink Stop is an ayurvedic remedy for deaddiction

When it comes to addiction recovery, you have to remember that you’re not defined by your relapses, but in your decision to remain in recovery despite them.

Addiction does not just start from the first sip or inhale. It goes through 4 stages. The physical and psychological reactions at early stages of addiction are not the same as the reactions during the later stages.

EXPERIMENTATION - when a person drinks or smokes out of curiosity

SOCIAL - when a person drinks or smokes only in social situations or for social reasons

RISK - when a person drinks too much disregarding the consequences

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